Currently the full time drummer for Universal RecordingArtist  Bobby Wills  Rick has come a long way since his drumming debut. After playing along at home to the likes of Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Max Webster, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull he accepted the invitation to sit in for a few songs with a local band. His drumming career could have ended there after a combination of nerves and liquid courage led to some ambitious tempos, losing a stick and getting it jammed under the hi hat pedal, and tripping whilst exiting the stage. Despite this less than encouraging start Rick soldiered on adding more influences to widen his musical horizons and gaining lots of experience playing in cover bands all over Southern Ontario in the 1980’s and 90’s.
By 2000 Rick started getting some studio work and broadened his styles to encompass rock, country, R&B, Soul, funk and blues. Since then Rick has taken on some teaching and his love for playing drums has gone from strength to strength.                                            He has played with many Canadian artists such as : The Lovelocks, Wildflower and Shane Yellowbird ,  to name a few and some new comers to the Canadian Country Music scene such as :  Lyndsay Butler, Tanya Ryan,  Lauren Mayall, Sarah Curle, Michella Sheedy, Blake Reid, Shane Harluk , Jennie Harluk and Staggerd Pints.                                                         Rick has had several CCMA Drummer Of The Year nominations.                                                            Currently you can catch Rick on the live circuit working with Bobby Wills on countless festival stages across Canada. Watching him play it is easy to spot his passion for live performance and the positive energy he brings to the stage. His latest work can be heard on the current Bobby Wills album Crazy Enough (2014).

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